We will send you updated information, on the roadmap and the IRONMAN program, which you will send to your customers:
- Line urban service for urban and school trains for the period from 18 to 24 September;
- free shuttle service Milano Marittima-Cervia a / r of 23/9;
- Free shuttle service Pinarella-Cervia a / r of 23/9;
- Outbound services of line Start Romagna;
- Course map, closed roads, alternative routes;
- Brochure with information on the Ironman program, in Italian and English;
We also remind you that the SHUTTLECRAB service has a single number for information and / or reservations for connections from Bologna airport to Cervia
CALL CENTER IRONMAN TRANSPORT C / o SAC Cervia tel. +39 0544 971844 - 366 9215308


Land transport companies have been actively involved in enhancing high-capacity vehicle connections to allow bicycles and athlete equipment to be loaded.
The service will be carried out at the same price as SHUTTLE CRAB, excluding any additional luggage extra cost, which will be quantified on request.
We would like to point out that in this link you find all the information about the IRONMAN event, we invite you to keep track of it to get the most up to date information for your customers.
While in this link you find the interactive map with the paths
For any clarification and insight into specific issues, which may be related to the event itself, you can refer to: Event units p.zza Pisacane 2- 48015 Cervia- - ​​tel. 0544 979329.

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