I will return to the Manuzzi from Ironman


CHRONICLES OF SECTOR O - One of the loyalists was missing against Piacenza, engaged in the Ironman Cervia 2019. Here is his story of the grueling match ...

“It is 7:00 of this cool dawn on Saturday 21st September. The sun, splendid and blinding, comes out of the still warm sea, I hope to warm up this cold sand that is freezing my bare feet. I put on the wetsuit, everyone put it on, you swim faster, the temperature wouldn't require it but the organization has also agreed to use it to protect us from any jellyfish stings. There are a lot of people but I don't notice it, I try to concentrate on the Ironman Cervia 2019 race, it's the first time and I'm only afraid of some unexpected events. I've been preparing well, for months, so I won't fail. I'm ready. There's the start, I enter the water, I run a bit, that's it, now I'm going to swim. Breathing, adjusting stroke, going too fast, 3.8km. they are long, I pick up the rhythm, overtake this one who is cooked, bravo, that's good. The buoy, here it is in front of the port, here, let's go out to sea, it's all right.

I control my strokes, I'm focused and happy. Here is the exit, it has been 1 hour 21 minutes and 30 seconds. Bravo bravo I encourage myself, this was the test I feared the most and I came out well, very well, now it's time for the change. In 9 and a half minutes I changed and set off for the 180 km with my trusty bike. We pass through the streets I know so well: I leave Pinarella and take the via Cervese for Cesena, we have to get to Castiglione, we will go up and down the E45 a bit until we reach Bertinoro and then back. The leg didn't adapt to the change, now it's ok, I arrived on the freeway which seems so strange to me without cars and trucks, only bikes, bikes everywhere, far, close, one passes me, I would like to get in the slipstream but it's not allowed, penalties and disqualifications lurk with the jury, everywhere. I decide to stay in visual contact only, better, my legs spin strongly and my head is light, with this system I pass several competitors and pass the 65 km in 2 hours and 18 minutes, the 100 in 3 hours and 21 minutes. Holy shit, I'm in the middle of the salt pans, now that I'm almost at the end I have the opposite wind, what a struggle!

This explains why I was so fast in the first leg! This stretch is making me work like a beast and I've lost a bit of concentration but now it's better, I've arrived between the houses, I feel like a locomotive go, goee, I say to myself. I finish the fraction in 6h, 17m and 44 sec. A good time, just under 30 per hour on average. Transition area, this time I don't have the wetsuit stuck to my skin which slows me down, the time is in fact better, 7m and 48 sec. We are in the last fraction, the marathon begins. Most of the time I did. Via Modena, Viale Italia, Marco is waiting for me, he takes a walk with me, cheers me on, I'm happy to see him. Viale Milazzo and the road towards Milano Marittima. The kilometers slowly pass, now there are many people along the roadside and I'm less alone. The goal is approaching, I'm excited. The pace drops a bit, the first kilometers were faster, evening has fallen and the temperature is stiffer, I have to try not to get cold, hypothermia is my worst enemy. The legs go by themselves now, how long have they been in the race? Eight hours? 10 hours? I do not know anymore. Who knows if I can go to the stadium to see my Cesena! But what am I saying. Come on, come on, it won't be long, I'll make it, I'll make it, I'll make it… the red carpet, the speaker screaming my name, it's a dream come true, I'm an Ironman, I've reached the finish line. Final time: 12 hours, 27 minutes and 36 seconds. A lot of stuff, on the first try“.

Chapeau Robi! Saturday night for the match against Piacenza in Sector "O" you missed, but you come back as a winner from this grueling, crazy, wonderful match that is the Ironman!

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