Hospitality and courtesy
The family-run hotel in Cervia
Welcome to the Hotel Ondina e Milazzo The hotel of my heart near the center of Cervia and the sea.

Not just any holiday!
With us, dancing evenings, fragrant aperitifs and fun "historical-cultural" walks... and much more!

From my balcony I follow the slow lapping of the waves that in the morning, delicately, stretch out on the sand and come back, the sun still low on the sea illuminates and gilds the beach that is there, so close that I even seem to smell it.

We go down for breakfast and are greeted by the sweet scent of homemade cakes, croissants, fried eggs and espresso coffee.

Then, finally, we go to the beach: clean, soft and so close to the hotel that it doesn't even seem real, after so many months in the city!!


Our hotel in Cervia

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Hotel Ondina e Milazzo
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A tour of Cervia

A short distance from the center of Cervia and the beach, the Hotel Ondina e Milazzo is in a convenient position for experiencing the city and visiting the main points of interest.

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