Suites, junior suites and rooms for the disabled

In recent years the hotel has undergone a profound transformation. We have achieved a better rationality of the spaces and environments, considerably increasing the liveability both in the common areas and in the rooms.

Particular attention was paid to the bathrooms which were even more than doubled in size, in some cases reaching 5m2. to accommodate brand new shower cubicles and other modern comforts.

To better help you in your choice we have divided the rooms according to their size: from the new "classic" rooms suitable for single people but which all have a double bed with a surface area ranging from 10 to 12 m2, to the traditional "comfort" double rooms which they range from 12 to 18 m2, to the super-spacious "junior suites" from 18 to 22 m2. and the elegant "suites" of 23 m2.

The offer is completed by the right rooms for disabled people equipped with all the aids for disabled people. They have sizes ranging from 12 to 19 m2. Our housekeeper Mihaela has been with us for over 15 years and knows how to best prepare your rooms for your rest in absolute hygienic safety.

The restaurant and the kitchen

The hotel restaurant "da nonna Pina" is divided into areas to create more familiar and intimate environments, all connected to each other: the "Great Room", the "Buffet Room", the "Green Room" and the "Flowered Veranda" , where every day you will be pampered by our girls and boys coordinated by Michi, always ready to fulfill your wishes accompanied by a smile.

The always young and dynamic cuisine is led by chef Bruno Siboni with the precious contribution of Mrs. Maria and our daughter Chiara and with grandmother Pina who will supervise the traditional dishes.

Breakfast, served from 7.30 to 10, will be a buffet as always, served in the air-conditioned green room and on the flowered outdoor veranda, always fresh and plentiful from the early hours of the morning, announced by an irresistible scent of freshly made cakes and tarts. from our kitchen, with sweet and savory, cold cuts and fruit at will. We serve the express coffee and hot drinks.

You can choose between half board, opting either for lunch or dinner, or full board with which you can stay with us for both lunch and dinner.

For lunch you can arrive from 12.30pm to 1.30pm and for dinner from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. There will always be three menus to choose from with three first and three second courses among which you will always find fish. A dessert or fruit of your choice will follow and there will always be a buffet of cooked and raw vegetables and house specialities.

Water at the table is always included and unlimited.

We will continue to have, as always, a particular eye in the preparation of dishes using local products at km.0 to always have the highest quality also with a view to ecological savings in packaging and transport.

Drink Luigina, the library and wifi

At the reception our daughter Andrea Giulia will welcome you with her smile made in Romagna. In the renovated bar where, in addition to an excellent Spritz and the best coffee in the area, you can enjoy aperitifs and digestives, house specialties such as "Luigina" and "Caffettone". In the living room on the Milazzo side, this one that has just been renovated, too, there is the "arena" the TV room where we will experience great sporting events together or where you can enjoy a good film or a newscast in front of a 70" screen, the new well-stocked library with reading and the "internet-point" position restored.

A large outdoor relaxation area partly covered and partly uncovered to spend moments of sharing and rest with a children's area where they can play in complete safety.

As in all the rooms, a powerful WiFi internet service is available free of charge in the common areas of the hotel.

Many services and appointments

On Monday, upon returning from the beach and before dinner everyone on the terrace for an aperitif in company, the kitchen will prepare for you a stunning pizza and other gourmet preparations that Marco, Andrea Giulia and Graziella will serve you together with the aperitif, alcoholic and otherwise.

Everyone can taste it, from children to grandparents; do you like walking and seeing our city?
On Tuesday at 9.00 pm we set off, all with our souvenir t-shirts in the company of Marco for the historical/cultural walks to discover the secrets of the city of Cervia.

On Wednesday evening, don't make any plans, let loose with singing and dancing until you drop happy. Stay connected, we will keep you informed on this site and particularly on social media where we are present and particularly active.

State-of-the-art car parks, with license plate reading, illuminated, video-controlled and with recharging for electric cars

In the 1950s and 1960s, when most of the hotels in Cervia were built, particular consideration was not given to the parking lots for the few circulating cars, which is why the few spaces needed were created in the courtyards of the hotels, later, with the increase in circulating cars roads have begun to be occupied where the Administrations have demanded ever higher costs, for this reason since 2003 we have formed a consortium between various hotels in the area and having been granted areas by the Municipality of Cervia we have today created modern, comfortable and innovative appurtenant car parks: the two "Colombo" and "Milazzo" car parks, increasingly green, are built with the most modern technological aids, with access to reading the license plate in cloud technology, illuminated and controlled with cameras day and night and with the availability of covered and disabled places, they are convenient because they are just a few hundred meters from our hotel and it is about to be activated at Also the car-bike park & ride service for which it will be possible to leave the car and return to the hotel by bike and vice versa, innovative because we have foreseen that our cars, increasingly electric, will have the possibility of recharging in these car parks which will equipped with covers with photovoltaic panels that will feed the refills and all the services. We have also expanded and regularized the internal car park so that today we are able to give a parking space to all guests who request it with the sole task of reserving the place in the preferred car park by paying a fair price which will depend on the days of stay and the distance from the hotel. So ask us for a quote to find out the cost in advance and to secure a place in your favorite car park.

Hotel for pets

Ettore our big puppy is part of our family, that's why we love animals and we accept that you bring your furry friends on holiday with you.

Small pets, small or medium sized dogs and cats are allowed in the hotel as long as they respect the other people who live next to us. You can always bring your dogs to the hotel on a leash, we can reserve a table for you on the flowery veranda with the only recommendation not to approach the buffet.

At 50 meters there is one of the 4 bathing establishments present between Cervia, Milano Marittima Pinarella and Tagliata that accepts dogs: Bagno Ben. Spaces dedicated to those who want to always have their partner with them in complete safety. Ask us for information about the rules of the city, the beach and the hotel, you can consult the offers page on the website.

Ondina the water nymph

Values which stand out. They lived in seas, rivers or lakes, and allured mariners. They are generally portrayed as beautiful women with the tail of a fish. According to tradition, they are considered to be harmless creatures or even friendly.